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Kite’s new security settings: managing your files

By Kite
June 15, 2017

We’re adding a few features to Kite that make security easier than ever.

Right now, nothing gets uploaded to the cloud without your permission. You’re able to whitelist directories and create .kiteignore files within those directories. Whitelisted files benefit from Kite’s programming copilot features like ranked completions and popular patterns.

We’ve improved the whitelisting UI in the Kite Copilot (click to open on your computer) to help you more easily control what code you’re whitelisting and ignoring. We’ve also added new settings at, where you’ll be able to see exactly what code has been uploaded to Kite, and remove it from the cloud if you wish.

Our goal is to give you more control over your data — and to know the files on our servers are the files you really want to be there. This is especially helpful if you have proprietary code that you aren’t allowed to share.

But to be clear — the code that is uploaded to Kite is never seen or used by anyone else. It’s indexed for the sole purpose of providing you with a better programming experience. And with our new features, it’s easier than ever to fine-tune exactly what code you want to be shared with Kite.

As always, we welcome feedback from our community. Hit us up at or talk to us on Twitter @kitehq!