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The Kite Copilot

It’s about time developers get the information they need without their web browser.

View Python docs with just one click or mouse-hover, plus find helpful examples and how-tos. Start saving time now with the Kite Copilot desktop app.

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Kite Copilot

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Kite Copilot

Over 100,000 detailed Python docs

Flask Copilot example screenshot

Over 100,000 detailed Python docs

Type-specific information
  • Get the top attributes for types
  • See function signatures and example call patterns
  • Find all the top members for modules
How Others Used This
  • Browse hints based on how other professionals have used types in open source code



Kite Copilot autosearch following cursor screenshot
  • Enable autosearch to get docs wherever your cursor goes
  • View docs even while offline

For your own Code

Python docs
Python docs

For your own Code

  • Stop searching for your docstrings
  • Kite indexes your class definitions so you and your team can see docs instantly
Developers love the Copilot

Stop Googling Python docs.
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“I really love the line-of-code completions in the new”

Guido van Rossum - Python's creator.

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