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We want to automate away the tedious parts of writing code, so you can focus on what you love most: programming.
Team Kite

“Kite’s engineering team of MIT and Stanford alumni possesses the technical chops to pull off artificial intelligence in the cloud for the most critical of audiences: developers.”

Dan Scholnick General Partner, Trinity Ventures.

Product Values


Respectful of your current workflow; integrates with your favorite coding environment


Blazingly fast, flat learning curve, effective hardware resource utilization, small display footprint


Highly accurate completions and consistent UX mean users can depend on Kite


Purposeful recommendations that keep the user in control of their dev environment

Artificial Intelligence to Help You Code Faster

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Founder, Dropbox
Drew Houston
Founder, Dropbox
CEO, Github
Nat Friedman
CEO, Github
Co-Founder, PayPal
Max Levchin
Co-Founder, PayPal
Founder, Cruise
Kyle Vogt
Founder, Cruise
CEO, Twitch
Emmett Shear
CEO, Twitch
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