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FAQ: autocomplete-python

By Kite
November 22, 2016

What is Kite?

Kite is a code intelligence engine powered by machine learning that provides better completions for autocomplete-python.

Why is Kite showing up in autocomplete-python?

Kite is a complement to the Jedi engine for Python completions. Autocomplete-python now supports completions powered by Kite.

Historically, autocomplete-python has used the Jedi engine to provide completions. Autocomplete-python now can simultaneously use Kite to power its completions and more advanced features not previously possible.

What are the advanced features Kite provides?

Kite provides 1.5x more completions than Jedi and it also uses machine learning to rank completions more intelligently based on your current code context. Kite also provides detailed information on how to call functions as you use them.

I’ve seen the Kite Sidebar before — is this related?

Yes, the Kite engine for autocomplete-python also powers the Kite sidebar app. Enabling the Kite engine also installs the Kite sidebar app, which can optionally be used to view and search for documentation.

Will my code stay private?

Yes – Kite works completely on your local machine so your code never leaves your hard drive.

Is Kite free?

Yes, Kite is free to use.

What platforms does Kite run on?

For now, Kite works on macOS and Windows, but we’ll support Linux soon too.

In terms of other editors, Kite also integrates with Sublime, Vim, PyCharm and VS Code.

Is Kite under active development?

Yes! We’re working hard to improve our backend analysis, machine learning models, and editor plugin UI/UX. You can expect to see many improvements in the coming months.