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Announcing 11 New Programming Languages and Kite Team Server

Adam Smith
By Adam Smith, Founder
October 21, 2020

Today we are launching Kite’s AI-powered completions for eleven new languages, as well as a new version of Kite for dev teams!

Code completions for 11 languages

Kite’s AI-powered completions predict what you’re going to type next. How is this useful? They save you typing when you already know what you’re going to type. They also save you documentation lookups when you can’t remember the name of an API or how to use it.

Because completions help you with every keystroke, the savings add up. Kite writes about 175 “words” of code every day for our more active users, and as we make the product smarter that number will only go up.

Simply open a supported file extension to start using Kite for more languages. Click here to open the Copilot and install our new IDE plugins.

How we built this

Kite’s AI completions are powered by a deep machine learning model.

You’ll find that it helps without being a distraction. Our engineering team has spent the past year focusing on making the user experience great. Kite gives you more relevant completions, intelligently ranked. It filters completions to only show you what’s relevant, drastically reducing noise.

Kite Team Server

Kite’s smarts are limited by the processing power available on your laptop.

Kite Team Server is a self-hosted version of Kite that runs on a GPU-equipped server behind your firewall. Our server-scale machine learning models are 25X larger than our desktop version.

In addition to larger models, Kite Team Server is smarter because it uses models that are trained on your company’s code, offering personalized completions that accurately complete an average of 4 words of code at a time.

It takes 30 minutes to deploy Kite Team Server with an engineer from our team to AWS, Azure, or GCP. You can learn more here.

Ready to get started? Schedule a demo. Questions? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

Happy coding,

The Kite Team