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Kite Launches Internet-Connected Programming

By Kite
April 12, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2016 ­­ Kite (, announced today its official launch coming out of two years of beta testing. Kite is a heads up display (HUD) for programmers that surfaces proven engineering knowledge in a live internet­ connected environment helping developers write better code, faster.

Co­founded by Adam Smith the founder and former CEO of Xobni, which sold to Yahoo in 2013, Kite has secured seed funding from investors such as Max Levchin (Paypal founder), Joe Lonsdale (Palantir founder), Drew Houston (Dropbox founder) and Emmett Shear ( founder).

“Today programmers spend half their time in their code editors, and half their time in their browser looking for information. Kite unites these, making programmers more powerful,” said Adam Smith, CEO and Co­founder of Kite. “We wanted to create the tool that we always said we wish existed.”

Kite is the first tool to offer a connected way to program; it is integrated with text editors and it uses type inference to reveal examples as programmers type without having to leave the screen for a web browser.

Using machine learning to find patterns for fixing errors and writing new code based on what millions of programmers have posted on the web, Kite goes far beyond IDEs that only are aware of what is on that particular computer. Kite indexes all information publicly available about libraries and API’s on the web, within the work window.

Additionally, Kite creates discussions around these topic and users benefit from the collective intelligence of the entire community. The company hired humans to write a database of examples, in a consistent format, covering the most popular libraries.

Kite draws upon collective intelligence to solve problems, thereby avoiding frustration and setbacks generally associated with forgotten or overlooked issues.

  • Kite serves relevant content and examples automatically.
  • It detects and fixes programming mistakes.
  • Kite has extensive search for APIs and libraries.

“Programmers who use Kite will find information faster, preventing them from losing hours of productivity by offering knowledge and help in real­time. It acts like an artificial pair programmer, which will make individual programmers stronger,” said Smith.

“What I am most excited about with this new tool is that it will allow users to contribute knowledge back to the community in a more accessible, lightweight and cohesive way. Kite promotes consistent content formats for easier consumption. Simply stated, we wanted to help engineers stay in flow so they can focus on what they do best: code.”

About Kite

Headquartered in San Francisco, Kite ( is a heads up display (HUD) for programmers that surfaces proven engineering knowledge in a live internet­connected environment helping developers write better code, faster. Kite provides tools and services that help developers design, write, test, deploy, and manage massive code bases efficiently. The company has seed funding in excess of $4M from well­known entrepreneurs with proven track records of success.