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Press Release: Kite, the AI Autocomplete Engine for Python, is now available on Linux

This is a press release for Kite’s May 2019 launch. Interested in learning more? Check out our founder’s blog post on our launch here.

Kite, the AI Autocomplete Engine for Python, is now available on Linux

San Francisco – May 2, 2019 Kite, the AI Autocomplete for Python that eliminates repetitive coding tasks, today announced that it has added Linux support for Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian, Fedora, Archlinux, Linux Mint in response to community feedback. Now, Python developers who code in Linux environments can be even more productive writing software using their favorite code editors.

“At Kite, our goal is to help developers create better programs in less time,” says Adam Smith, CEO and founder of Kite. “Linux is beloved by programmers around the world, so we’re thrilled to add Linux support to empower open source developers to write code faster using our predictive Line-of-Code Completion technology.”

On the heels of a $17 million Series A round, Kite is driving the AI-assisted coding frontier ahead by enabling developers to complete full lines of Python code faster by using autocomplete suggestions—similar to Smart Compose in Gmail.Instead of copying and pasting from StackOverflow, writing boilerplate code, and repeatedly fixing simple errors, Python programmers can use Kite to build transformative applications with less hassle.

Since Kite debuted its new Line-of-Code Completions engine in January, users have doubled their use of code completions while coding. By improving its type inference engine to allow for completions while typing in the middle of a name, Kite increased the number of code completions shown to users by 40%. This resulted in users choosing Kite’s Line-of-Code Completions twice as often as before.

Kite announced the Linux support news at PyCon, the largest Python user conference, where they are exhibiting to demonstrate how developers can use Kite to eliminate repetitive work and reach peak coding productivity in Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.

About Kite

Kite, the AI autocomplete for Python programmers, accelerates software development by automatically suggesting relevant code snippets in real time—similar to Smart Compose in Gmail. Kite trains its machine learning models with thousands of publicly available code sources from highly rated developers. Used by more than 40,000 Python developers worldwide, Kite is currently available for all the popular Python coding environments, including Atom, Pycharm, Vim, Sublime, and VS Code. To learn more, visit